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Peg And Pole Tents For Sale Africa, Exclusive Tents, Chillers & Chairs

Peg And Pole Tents For Sale by the leading manufacturer, supplier, wholesaler and distributor of stretch tents, peg and pole tents for sale, event tents, church tents, funeral tents, wedding tents, mobile chillers, mobile freezers, mobile cold rooms, VIP toilets, non-flush and flush chemical toilets, big marquees and much much more. Every raw material that we use to manufacture all our products is perfectly selected from the best suppliers in the world. We employ only the best employees so each finished product is made and designed only to the highest standard. Our trading hours are Monday to Thursday from 7:30 am to 4:30 pm and Friday on 7:30 am to 4:30 pm also Saturdays from 7:30 am to 12:30 pm.

Where To Buy A Tent

Master Tents cater for all our customer's needs from tents, mobile products and chairs. If a customer is unable to pay a 50% deposit, they can take their desired product on a three months layby. We have the cheapest tents and mobile products available to the public at affordable prices. With changing times customer demands have grown and production had to increase which is why we had to upgrade our machinery to match demands of clients.


Peg And Pole Tentpole tents south africaPeg and pole tents for sale.
We are the leading manufacturer,
supplier, wholesaler and
distributor in South Africa and Africa.

Stretch Tentstents for saleStretch Tents for sale. Buy stunning
stretch tents Now. Tents Heavy
Duty PVC Covers At Half The Price.
Dont Miss Out !

Frame Tents
tents for saleFrame tents. Frame Tents looks like a peg and pole tent,
except the difference is that Frame tents has no center

Alpine Tentstents for saleAlpine Tents in South Africa.
Master Tents is the leading manufacturer
of high quality Alpine Tents in South Africa.
Buy Now !

Classic Tentstents for saleClassic Tents for sale are very popular
with the catering, funeral and smaller
corporate functions. Classic tents based on the

conventional pole tent.


Jasmine Tentsjasmin tents The Master Jasmin Tent is an alternative option
to the standard Gazebo Type tents,
offering a unique, futuristic look as well
as a practical, functional design.

Aladdin Tentsjasmin tents for saleThe Aladdin tent is remarkably easy and
quick to install, with the largest option
assembled in less than 15 minutes, with
two relatively unskilled persons.

Mobile Kitchen
mobile kitchens for saleMobile Kitchens for sale is the
business of selling prepared food
from some sort of vehicle. It is a
feature of urban culture in many countries.

Chemical Toilets
chemical portable toilets for saleA chemical toilet is a toilet which uses
chemicals to deodorize the waste
instead of storing it in a hole or piping it
away to a sewage treatment plant.

Chairs And Tablesplastic chairs and tables for saleTables and chairs for sale direct from the
manufacture to South Africa and importing
into Africa. We have the best quality
tables in the industry available now.

Mobile VIP Toilet
vip toilets for saleVIP toilets are great for giving any function
professionalism thanks to its unique design
and material quality. When making a VIP toilet
we at Master Tents spared no expense.

Mobile Chiller
mobile chillers for saleMobile chillers for sale to South Africa and
Africa direct from the manufacture. We
are the leading suppliers of mobile
chillers in this industry. Buy now dont miss out !

This is why you should always buy from Master Tents?

Master Tents gives customers guarantees on products. We always make sure our clients are happy and satisfied with the products. Master Tents is the only company that will always give you a better price than anybody else. We never compromise on quality even with our cheap prices.


The big or small crowd we cater for them all. We have the largest tents and marquees on sale now at affordable prices. 


The greatest form of advertising is branding your product so at Master Tents we give clients the option of having branding on their products which will increase sales and revenue.


Our Material is imported from overseas from the best Suppliers. No money was spared in getting the best raw materials.

Get The Best Quotes And Service From Master Tents Now

We Provide Elegance, Design, Quality And Engineering Brilliance All In One Package

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